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Carefully read and review the following policies, rules, guidelines and procedures. Once finished, please agree, sign and sumbit below.

1. Mission Statement


      Our mission at FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC. is to provide compassionate, quality health care services to meet the needs of our fast growing multi-cultural community.  FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC. is committed to quality, individualized patient care, and proudly dedicated to providing the finest health services to date.

      Our team of health professionals takes pride in our ability to provide support that extends beyond superior medical care.  We recognize that being friendly, compassionate and courteous is just as important, as we believe in addressing the total needs of our patients (emotional, spiritual, family and cultural).  At the core of our success is the very special working relationship that exists between the Agency’s employees, administrators, and medical staff, and our team approach to the delivery of health services.

       We recognize the importance of a caring family environment.  We support our patients’ right to be informed and to exercise their freedom of choice regarding their care, as well as the rights of the terminally ill to choose their Advance Directives. We are further committed to providing leadership in the field of health care through cost containment quality programs (such as managed care and performance improvement processes), by sharing knowledge and skills with our staff and peers, and through being actively involved in community programs and services.

       Improving patient outcome is known by various names: Quality Assurance, Total Quality Management, Continuous Quality Management, and Performance Improvement.

The evolution of the concept has identified that to improve health care processes and outcomes, there should be:

• A systematic assessment and improvement of performance.

• A focus on all key activities of the organization, including direct care, governance, management, and support services.

• Collaborative efforts throughout the organization.

• Efforts to address processes that have important direct or indirect effects on patient outcomes, including those that cross internal organizational boundaries.

• A mechanism to identify process weaknesses and incompetence, and opportunities for improving these weaknesses.

This is accomplished by a collaborative effort to:

a. Satisfy the customer * External – Patients, Physicians, etc. * Internal - Other Departments, etc.

b. Doing the right thing

c. Doing the right thing the first time

Continuous Quality Improvement/Performance Improvement

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is a leadership philosophy.  It encompasses the entire organization, from the Governing Body to the support services, and includes direct care providers, to be committed to a cooperative effort to improve care.  This is done through focusing on the important functions of the organization, identifying their intricate processes, and implementing methods to improve them.

CQI encourages every member of the organization to find new and better ways of doing things to:

Avoid Problems and Complications   |   Save Time     Save Money   |   Reduce Stress   |   Enjoy Greater Pride in their Work

Art Of Care

Quality patient care does not simply mean technological expertise.  Rather, the Agency has a responsibility to promote a climate of total care that stresses the psychological and social needs, as well as the physical needs of patients.  To balance the high tech atmosphere of today’s agencies, there must be an effort to recognize and respond to the human needs of the patient, physician, staff and others.

Creating A Caring Climate

1. Improves the quality of care

2. Contributes to the image of the Agency

3. Tends to reduce cases of litigation

4. Increases employee’s pride in the Agency, which reduces stress and decreases staff turnover

5. Increases referrals, since physicians, patients and families choose the agency that not only offers technological expertise but is pleasant to deal with.

Agency staff should demonstrate that they regard patients as valuable individuals who should be treated with respect by all who interact with them.  This may include simple etiquette, such as:

a. Referring to patients by name

b. Including patients in discussions of their plan of care

Studies have shown that health is restored more quickly when patients sense that they are active participants in the restoration process.

Most patients are unable to evaluate the technical quality of the medical care rendered, but relate more readily to Art-of-Care issues, friendliness, personal comfort, timely responses, cleanliness, etc.

Each and every employee has the responsibility of promoting a caring climate.  Remember, caring is contagious - - catch it!

FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC. recognizes those employees exhibiting outstanding caring behavior to patients, families, physicians and other employees at the Annual Employees Party.  Employees are eligible for recognition upon completion of the Probationary Period.  Recipients of the award receive a certificate of recognition in appreciation for their outstanding service.


2. Policies and Procedures


Updated 01/01/11

Please Adherence to the following Standards and Procedures will help ensure a successful career with Florida Home Bound MHA.

  1. 1. All employees are expected to dress in a manner appropriate to the health care environment, or as directed by the client facility.  This includes personal hygiene, jewelry, hair and makeup.  Please do not smoke in the presence of a patient.
  2. 2. Always wear your FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC. I.D. badge.  All personnel must always carry their current nursing license and CPR card if on a staff relief assignment.
  3. 3.You are expected to arrive on time to all assignments that you have accepted.  However, if an emergency or any situation should cause you to be five minutes late or more, or to be totally absent from the assignment, you must notify FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC. immediately.  Please do not call your patient/facility directly.
  4. 4. If you have any problem, incident or accident on the job, do not discuss it with the patient immediately, you are required to call the employee Health Nurse extension 224.  If you are supposed to be relieved by someone else, do not leave until your relief person has arrived.  If the patient/facility asks you to stay longer than your assignment, or to leave earlier, please call FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC. first, for approval.
  5. 5. Unlicensed personnel hereby acknowledge that they will not under any conditions dispense or administer any medication. You may assist patient with the medications after completing a four (4) hours In-service in how to assist patient with self-administration of medications.
  6. 6. Under no circumstances are you to ask for or accept any money from your patient or take home property that belongs to the patient.
  7. 7. There shall not be any involvement with the patient’s financial affairs, including check writing, without written approval from FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC.’s Administrator or D.O.N.
  8. 8. You are expected to honor the confidentiality of any patient information which is obtained in the regular course of your employment.
  9. 9. No personal telephone calls should be made while on duty, and no calls of a personal nature should be received by you.  You may call FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC. 24 hours a day if you need to cancel or reschedule your assignment.  A no call, no show, is grounds for termination!
  10. 10. Please do not discuss your salary or any other personal affairs with the patient/facility.
  11. 11. As an employee of FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC., you are not authorized to accept any direct employment that may be offered to you by your patient.  If you are requested to do so, please have the client contact us.
  12. 12. Your skill note must be signed by the patient after completion of your skill intervention or personal care services. Skill notes without patient signatures will not be accepted.
3. Orientation Program Guidelines


Philosophy And Objectives

  1. a. To provide a high quality of care in a cost effective way.
  2. b. To add the personal touch to client care.

Channels Of Communication

  1. a. All scheduling and cancellations must be done through the office.
  2.         1. Even minor schedule changes must be communicated with supervisors.
  3. b. Call every week to make sure your tentative schedules are the same.  Scheduling is subject to change.
  4. c. You are responsible for keeping track of your own hours.  You may work no more than forty hours weekly nor more than fifty visits a week.
  5. d. Be certain to call the patient right before you go to their home.  You will not be paid if the patient is not home.
  6. e. Report any problems to your Nursing Supervisor.  A supervisor is on call 24 hours a day to handle questions about patient care.

Dress Code

  1. a. White uniforms and ID unless otherwise specified.
  2. b. Personal hygiene and overall appearance must be above average.
  3. c. Do not ever wear a uniform from another agency while visiting a patient for FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC.

Evaluation Procedures

  1. a. First Evaluation will be ninety (90) days from your hire date (the first actual visit or shift
    you work) and will be once a year after that.
  2. b. CNAs/HHAs will receive supervisory visit reports from skill nurses.

Non-Discrimination Policy

  1. a. No client or employee discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, gender, etc. will be tolerated.  Any problems should be reported to your supervisor immediately.

Time Slips

  1. a. The work-week ends on Friday.  Time slips must be completely filled out and turned in with your nurses notes no later than Monday at 12:00 Noon.
  2.          1. Days worked on time slips and notes must correspond.
  3. b. Time slips and notes must be turned in each week in a timely manner for billing purposes, although any work turned in after Monday at 12:00 Noon will be on the following week’s paycheck.
  4. c. There is a drop box outside the main door for delivery over the weekend.

Payment Procedures

  1. a. Paychecks are available in the office after 12:00 Noon on Fridays.
  2. b. Paychecks still in the office on Tuesday mornings will be mailed out.
  3.         1. Keep your address current with Personnel and Payroll Departments.
  4. c. Arrangements can be made to have your paychecks mailed to you on a biweekly basis, and they will be mailed at your own risk!


  1. a. Absence must be reported to the office ASAP – 24 hours in advance, if possible; eight (8) hours in case of sudden illness.
  2.          1. Do not obligate yourself to a visit or shift if there is a possibility you cannot show.
  3. b. Late cancellations or no shows will result in termination.

Cancellation Policy

  1. a. We will allow one (1) cancellation within a two (2) month period during the first six (6) months of employment.
  2. b. Two (2) cancellations occurring within a two (2) month period will result in a warning.
  3. c. Three (3) cancellations within a two (2) month period will result in the employee being placed on a ninety (90) day probation.
  4. d. Four (4) cancellations within a two (2) month period is a violation of probation and could result in termination.
  5. e. Any employee leaving as assignment before the end of their assigned shift or visit will be immediately terminated.
  6. f. Refusals to work will be documented in the employee’s file.
  7.         1. FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC. needs reliable nurses and aides, and excessive refusals will result in fewer calls for work.

Expired Items In File

  1. a. Notification of expiring items (i.e., physical exam, TB test, CPR, license, etc.) will be handled by Personnel.
  2. b. Expired items will result in immediate cancellation of all work until item is updated.


  1. a. All employees are covered by Malpractice Liability Insurance.  Nurses and Therapists will also be required to obtain their own professional liability insurance.
  2. b. Any accident while on a visit or a shift (no matter how minor) MUST be reported to the office within 24 hours of occurrence.


  1. a. CNAs and HHAs are required to have twelve (12) hours of In-Service per year.  Booklets are available through Personnel to be checked out for In-Service hours.
  2. b. RNs and LPNs are required to have twelve (12) hours of In-Service per year.  Memos are given out with paychecks when In-Services are offered through the office.

Patients’ Rights

  1. a. A booklet on patients’ rights will be given to all patients on admission.  Please become familiar with this policy.
  2. b. Write the patient’s home phone number, patient’s doctor’s phone number, and FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC.’s phone number on the front of the folder.

Safety Practices

  1. a. Follow Universal Precautions at all times.  Read Infection Control Policy and Procedure Manual.

Emergency Practices

  1. a. Dial 911.  Take care of the patient and notify the doctor.  Call the office ASAP.

Transporting Patients

  1. a. Only provided via waiver contract under escort.

Errands For Patients

  1. a. For waiver patients: Aides who are assisting with shopping or picking up prescriptions for a patient must have a check made out to the establishment and return any change along with a receipt. If patient is confused, please call agency and ask for a case manager to act as a witness regarding patient’s request.


While an abbreviated orientation is given to all employees upon hiring, mandatory In-service training is scheduled every 6 weeks.  It is the responsibility of the employee to make arrangements to attend the first scheduled orientation after employment.  The Personnel Office can provide you with the date and time of the next orientation.  This orientation will be on Agency time. All personnel care aides are required to complete twelve (12) hours of In-service training yearly to remain compliant with AHCA requirements.

Probationary Period

All new employees are on a 90-day probationary period.  During this period you and your supervisor will have the opportunity to determine whether the work is suitable for you.  Every effort will be made to train you to do your job properly.  At any time during this period, either party may choose to terminate employment with our Agency.  At the end of this trial period, if all has progressed satisfactorily, you will be recommended for continuous employment.  Pay increases will not be given during this probationary period.

Identification Badge

One identification badge will be issued by the Personnel Office to each new employee at no charge.  This badge must be worn at all patient visits.  If lost or misplaced, a charge of $35.00 will be made for its replacement.  Upon termination, your identification badge must be returned to the Personnel Office in order to receive your final paycheck.

Physical / Health Examinations

Prior to starting work, new employees must complete the initial physical examination form and a PPD Skin Test and/or Chest X-Ray.  Employment is contingent upon the results of these tests.  PPD Skin Tests are thereafter required annually for all employees.  If a PPD Skin Test is positive, a Chest X-Ray is required, however, only one Chest X-Ray is required every three (3) years.


In resigning from FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC., it is desirable to give the Agency as much notice as possible.  Fourteen (14) calendar days written notice is required for nonprofessional, clerical and technical employees.  Supervisors and professional employees are expected to give thirty (30) calendar days written notice.

All employees, at the time of their termination of employment, must return all keys, identification badges and other Agency property before their final paychecks will be released from the Personnel Office on the next regularly scheduled payday.  Termination of an employee for any reason is of concern to the Agency.  We, therefore, request each resigning employee to take part in an exit interview with the Director of Personnel.  Please contact the Personnel Office to arrange a mutually convenient time for the interview.  All information will be kept in strict confidence.


In order to prevent disruption in the operation of the Agency, no solicitation will be allowed by employees or non-employees.  Violation of this rule is grounds for disciplinary action.

Confidential Information

In the process of performing work in the Agency, you may overhear statements regarding patients, doctors and others which may be considered confidential.  Employees are directed, therefore, not to discuss outside the Agency or even with other Agency employees these bits of information unless required as a necessary part of the employees’ job.  Even casual conversation with other employees may be overheard and thereby violate other rights of privacy.  Failure to maintain confidential information may be grounds for dismissal.


It is the policy of FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC. to promote from within those persons whose past performance has shown merit and aptitude for other positions.  Job vacancies will be posted on the bulletin board in the Personnel Office.


It is the intent of the transfer policy to provide opportunities for transfer to either increased job positions or salary.  Requests for transfer which result in an equal or lower job position or salary will not be considered.  Employees will be considered in the same manner as other applicants for the position, based upon ability and quality of performance in the employee’s present position.  Employees are not eligible to request a transfer until after completion of the first six (6) months of employment.  Any employee interested in a transfer should contact the Director of Personnel.

Personnel Records

To keep payroll benefits, mailing lists, and other information up to date, the Agency requests employees to inform our Human Resources Department of any changes in status.  Change of address, telephone number, marital status, name, dependents, person to notify in case of accident, or licensure and registration information should be reported to the Personnel Office.

Employment data is maintained by the Personnel Office.  This information is considered confidential, and only the employee and his or her supervisors are allowed to see the records.  Information requested by outside sources is carefully screened and controlled by the Personnel Office.


4. Rules of Conduct


      The Agency strives to be fair and uniform in its handling of personnel.  It is our desire to assist employees in every way possible so that working here is a meaningful, satisfying life experience.  The majority of employees perform loyally and efficiently, but the misconduct and offenses of a small number of employees necessitates certain rules and regulations.

      Violations of rules which result in disciplinary action or discharge include, but are not limited to, those listed herein.  Employees are responsible for familiarizing themselves with this list.  Violations have been rated in two (2) steps:  (1) Of Concern, (2) Extremely Serious.  All warnings will be conducted in written form, including verbal warning, and placed in the employee’s Personnel file.  Employees can be placed on “interim probation” at any time after they receive a warning.  Employees have the privilege of signing and making comments on the form used for written warnings

Of Concern Violations:

  1. 1. Inconsiderate treatment of others.
  2. 2. Disregard of proper dress and/or personal hygiene.
  3. 3. Posting unauthorized notices and/or removing bulletin board notices.
  4. 4. Failure to attend scheduled meetings.
  5. 5. Failure to attend education and training sessions.
  6. 6. Loitering or loafing.
  7. 7. Tardiness without reasonable excuse (more than one time per month will be considered a violation).
  8. 8. Failure to read bulletin board notices.
  9. 9. Failure to wear or show I.D. badge.
  10. 10. Inefficient or careless performance of duties.

Disciplinary Actions for Of Concern Violations:

  1. 1. Oral warning (documentation recorded in Personnel file).
  2. 2. Written warning (recorded in Personnel file).
  3. 3. Work suspension for 1-10 days.
  4. 4. Discharge for repeated violations of any offense.

Extremely Serious Violations:

  1. 1. Striking a patient.
  2. 2. Possession of potentially dangerous weapons.
  3. 3. Theft, abuse, or possession of Agency equipment, supplies, or personal belongings of patients or fellow employees without the consent of owner.
  4. 4. Falsification of Personnel or Agency records.
  5. 5. Fighting or inciting a fight on Agency property or in patient’s home.
  6. 6. Bringing unauthorized intoxicants, drugs or narcotics onto Agency property, or consuming unauthorized intoxicants, drugs or narcotics on Agency property, or reporting for duty under the influence of intoxicants, drugs or narcotics.
  7. 7. Immoral conduct or indecency on Agency property or in a patient’s home.
  8. 8. Insubordination and/or refusal to perform assigned duties.
  9. 9. Altering a timecard.
  10. 10. Sexual harassment.
  11. 11. Allowing non-employees (friends, family, etc.) in patient’s homes, etc.

Disciplinary Actions For Extremely Serious Violations:

  1. 1. Discharge.

Employee Appeal Procedure:

In any organization there can be honest misunderstandings about working conditions, discipline, rules and other employee problems.  The following procedure should be followed:

Step 1:  Employees should discuss their complaint with their immediate supervisor.  This is an important step, as many complaints can be resolved here because they stem from basic misunderstandings.  The immediate supervisor must give an answer to the employee within three (3) working days.  The employee may appeal the decision to the D.O.N., who must also give the employee an answer to the appeal within three (3) working days.

Step 2:  If not satisfied, employees may take their complaint to the Director of Personnel, who will ask the employee to put the problem in writing.  After asking the supervisor to reply to the complaint, the Director of Personnel will fully investigate the problem and attempt to mediate a solution.  The Director of Personnel will give an answer to the employee within five (5) working days.

Step 3:  The Executive Director or the Administrator of the Agency will make the final decision, and explain it fully to the employee.


5. Worker's Compensation



      In case of an accident or injury while on duty, the employee must report to his/her supervisor.  The supervisor or department head will be responsible for submitting the employee’s incident report to the Personnel Office within 24 hours.  In cases where medical attention is required, the employee will be treated at the Jackson Memorial Hospital Emergency Department or be referred to an outside physician.

      It is important to remember that an Incident Report must be made on all accidents, as Workers’ Compensation benefits depend on this report.  The Agency cannot and will not be responsible for conditions which may arise after a time lapse from the accident date unless a report has been made initially.


6. Non-Discliminary / Harrassment Policy


     FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC. is committed to providing its employees with a work environment in which each individual is treated with respect and dignity.  Our commitment as an equal opportunity employer means we value diversity, and we will afford all employees equal employment opportunities without regard to their race, color, creed, religion, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, veteran status, or disability.

      This policy applies to all terms and conditions in the employment process, which include, but are not limited to: hiring, placement, promotion, transfer, disciplinary action, lay-off, recall, leave-of-absence, compensation, and training.

      In conjunction with this stated internal non-discrimination/harassment policy, FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC. is fully committed to serving equally all people of the community without regard to their race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, veteran status, or disability.

      In support of this non-discrimination/harassment policy, FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC. expressly prohibits any form of harassment, including sexual harassment.  Sexual harassment is any conduct which interferes with an employee’s work performance or creates a hostile work environment.

      No FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC. employee should be subject to employment considerations or acts of retaliation which are based on submission to or rejection of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, unwanted touching, or verbal or physical conduct of a personally offensive sexual nature.

      Please be advised that all FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC. administrative and supervisory personnel will be held strictly accountable for the effectiveness of this non-discrimination/harassment policy.  Employees and patients who believe they have been discriminated against or sexually harassed may address their concerns with the appropriate Supervisor, Personnel Director or Administrator.

FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC. gives prompt, considerate attention to all complaints from patients and families.  In order that your complaint may receive proper attention and follow-up, the following procedure is recommended:

  1. 1. Contact Agency Nursing Supervisor immediately if a problem arises, and give details of complaint.
  2. 2. Complete the complaint form in your folder and send to Agency. (This form is necessary to meet documentation and follow-up requirements.) You will be advised of action taken.
  3. 3. All information will be handled in a confidential manner. However, this information will become part of a permanent complaint record and possibly be part of employee's Personnel file.
  4. 4. If Nursing Supervisor is unable to resolve the problem, the Director of Nursing will be advised.
  5. 5. The patient/family will be contacted by phone by the Director of Nursing. A meeting will be scheduled if necessary.
  6. 6. If the problem remains unresolved, it will be reviewed by the Administrator for recommendations and resolution
7. Home Care Staff



      FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC. Identification Badge must be worn and visible at all times while on assignment. Badges from other agencies are prohibited.

  • • Jewelry should be kept to a minimum.
  • • Perfumes and colognes must be avoided when working with allergic tendencies and patients with respiratory diseases.
  • • White uniforms are to be worn when applicable.
  • • A lab coat must be worn while in patient's home if a white uniform is not being worn.
  • • All staff members must be dressed in a professional manner.

Assignment Policy

All staff assignments are done under the direction of the R.N. Supervisor or the D.O.N. Assignments are made after checking staff profiles for skill level and technical abilities, and review of patient data for psychosocial considerations and anticipated compatibility. The number of staff assigned to a case is to be kept to a minimum based on service/care needs of patient.


Acceptance of Patient

Patients are accepted for treatment on the basis of an expectation that the nursing and health care needs can be met adequately by the Agency in the patient's place of residence. Care follows a written Plan of Treatment established and periodically reviewed by the physician, and care continues under the active supervision of Registered Nurses.


Customer Satisfaction Evaluation

Coordinators are to make a minimum of three (3) survey calls per week. Survey results are to be turned in to Director of Nursing daily.

Patient Liaisons are to make a minimum of three (3) survey calls per week to patients, and ten (10) survey calls per month to physicians or referral sources. These surveys are to be turned in to Supervisor of Patient Liaisons. The Supervisor will review reports and give to the Director of Nursing.


*A patient survey form will be mailed to all patients monthly.*
In addition since May of 2010, FHB has been participating in a formal Medicare Survey to measure patient's satisfaction. In 2012 Home Health Agencies will be paid according to level of patient satisfaction.



To keep the nursing staff up to date on new and expanding nursing care techniques, equipment, facilities, and concepts of care.


  1. 1. Documentation of participation in continuing education specific to specialty areas will be kept on file in the Nursing Office.
  2. 2. A minimum of six (6) contact hours must be acquired to accomplish this requirement on an annual basis.
  3. 3. Records of participation will be maintained in the Personnel file and the In-Service Education Department.
  4. 4. The employee receives the original of a Certificate stating the hours obtained.

8. Office Personnel



All staff members must be dressed in a professional manner. This includes the following:

  1. 1. Dress slacks and dress shirts are preferred.
  2. 2. If you wear shorts, they must be walking shorts and must fall below mid-thigh.
  3. 3. Skirts should fall below your mid-thigh.
  4. 4. No tights, leggings or stirrup pants.
  5. 5. No low-cut or see-through material.
  6. 6. No exposed midriff.
  7. 7. All clothing apparel must be neat, clean and professional.
  8. 8. Nice jeans or casual pants are acceptable.
  9. 9. Clean tennis shoes.
Creation/Revision Of Policies & Procedures And Forms

Whenever there is a need to create or revise Policy and Procedure and forms, the originator of such creation or revision shall submit a draft to the Department of Compliance and Regulation of CQI. This office is responsible for submitting this policy to the Governing Board and at times to the Advisory Board during quarterly meetings.

Overview: During our quarterly meetings either the director of Chairman of Governing Board will present the policy or forms to the Advisory Board or the Director of CQI or compliance will present these to the Governing Board.


Administrators will maintain a Suggestion Box in office lobby for employees to submit suggestions.

Only Policies, Procedures and forms processed and approved using the above procedure may be used in FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC. agency offices.


Personnel Policies

FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC. shall have written policies and procedures to ensure the provision of acceptable, adequate and appropriate services.

Personnel policies are available to all full and part-time employees.

All employees will be required to read and sign Personnel Orientation Checklist as an indication that they have read and understood FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC. policies.



  1. 1. Prior to contact with patients, the employee must submit a statement from an appropriately licensed health care professional, based on an exam within the last six (6) months, that the employee shows no apparent signs or symptoms of communicable disease and the results of a tuberculosis test.
  2. Positive test reactors shall submit a statement from an appropriately licensed health care professional that the employee does not constitute a risk of communicating tuberculosis.
  1. 2. Each year, all employees shall:
    1. a. Submit a statement from an appropriately licensed health care professional that the employee is not at risk of communicating diseases, including tuberculosis, to any person under the care of the agency.
    2. b. All non-licensed personnel are required to receive a minimum of two (2) hours of initial HIV training disease.
    3. c. All health personnel will receive mandatory annual orientation to any changes in State/Federal rules as well as policies and objectives of FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC.
    4. d. All employees will be given a Job Description.
    5. e. All personnel will be knowledgeable on Compliance with requirements of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  1. 3. FLORIDA HOME BOUND MHA, INC. shall maintain a file for all employees, which shall include name and address of employee, social security number, date of birth, name and address of next of kin or guardian, evidence of qualifications, licensure or registration, if applicable, contracts, if applicable, and dates of employment and separation from the agency.
  2. Evidence of continuing education and in-service training for Home Health Aides shall be on file, and this information shall be kept in the Personnel files or in a separate filing system maintained for this purpose, and shall be available for inspection within three (3) hours of request (aides are required to do 12 hours of In-service training).
  1. 4. The Agency shall maintain a record of the employment or contractual history of all Agency personnel, both employed or under contract, shall make submission of such history a condition of employment or contract, and shall verify the history unless through diligent efforts such verification is not possible.  Diligent efforts shall involve at least two (2) documented attempts to verify.
Probation Period

All employees are hired on a probationary status.  The probationary status shall be ninety (90) days in length.

An Evaluation of Performance will be completed prior to the end of the probationary period.


Performance Evaluations

All employees shall have a Performance Evaluation just prior to the end of the initial probation period status of ninety (90) days, and again at the end of an extended probation period or of any further imposed probationary periods.  Subsequent Performance Evaluations shall be completed prior to each hiring date anniversary.  For all home care staff, this will include an in-home visit to observe performance.



  I have read and fully understand the Employee Orientation and agree with the policies, rules, guidelines and procedures of Florida Home Bound.

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